Among Us Online Glitches

Among Us Hack Long Ranged Kills. This Among Us glitch at least has a little more thought put into it than the previous one, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating for those truly trying to enjoy the game.

Among Us Online Glitches

Long-ranged kills in Among Us may be hard for another Crewmate to spot, but the one who was murdered should easily be able to notice something is amiss. The killer may not anywhere close to them, or just a little too far away for the kill to seem legitimate. Either way, they should quickly communicate to other players what is going on so the cheater can be booted from the game.

It shouldn’t be too surprising that players are already finding different ways to cheat in the online multiplayer game Among Us. There are always those who will exploit a fun game and ruin it for everyone else, and of course there are some hackers participating in the popular InnerSloth title that are doing just that.

Among Us: A glitch to let you play as the ‘Impostor’ every time?

Recently, YouTuber xEndless Gaming posted a video about not one but two Among Us glitches that can be used by players to increase their chances of becoming an Imposter. Both are relatively straightforward, as seen in the video at the end of this article.

Glitch 1- The ‘Don’t move’ glitch

The YouTuber called the first glitch the ‘Don’t move’ glitch. According to him, most players keep running around in the lobby before the game. However, not moving around and standing still in the initial spawn position has been said to increase a player’s chances of being an Imposter!

He even demonstrated how the glitch worked, and all players have to do is, well, nothing!

Glitch 2- The ‘Hat’ glitch

The second bug also involves the match lobby. There is a computer in every lobby that lets players customize their characters. Players can choose the color, pet, and hats for their characters.

According to the YouTuber, continuously choosing between different hats in the match lobby is also a useful glitch that increases a gamer’s chances of being an Imposter.

All they need to do is to go to the computer quickly and choose between the many hats available. Again, these glitches do not work all the time. However, the YouTuber video did show precisely how they work.

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