Apple iOS 14 leaks show new wallpaper home screen widgets

Leaked iOS 14 screenshot exhibits new wallpaper settings, beta code reveals Residence display widgets.

Apple iOS 14 leaks show new wallpaper home screen widgets

Apple is working on a redesigned wallpaper settings panel for iOS, based on an early build of iOS 14, which includes images separated by categories and more. Now Twitter user DongleBookPro, who often shares some images of Apple’s internal products, has today posted screenshots that shows the new wallpaper settings panel from iOS 14 in action.

These screenshots corroborate what found on the iOS 14 code, with default wallpapers separated by collections. These include “Classic Stripes”, “Earth & Moon”, and “Flowers” to offer better organization. Instead of showing all wallpapers together, users will be able to scroll through each collection to find a specific wallpaper more easily.

What the screenshot also revealed is a new “Home Screen Appearance” option that is similar to the watch face settings from the Apple Watch app. With this feature enabled, users will have the option to define a smart dynamic wallpaper that will only be used on the home screen. These dynamic wallpapers include a flat color, a blurry one and a dark version based on the current wallpaper.

While this new option seems cool by itself, it could be part of something even bigger on iOS 14. 9to5Mac has found evidence on the iOS 14 code of another new feature internally referred to as “Avocado”, which is related to the Springboard app that controls the Home screen.

We can say that Apple is working to provide real widgets on the iPhone and iPad home screen for the first time. Instead of pinned widgets like on iPadOS 13, the new widgets on iOS 14 can be moved around, just like any app icon. The feature is still being implemented and may be scrapped by Apple.

With that in mind, it makes sense that users can set a background photo for the lock screen and a flat or blurred version on the home screen, as it can now have several widgets and details can get confusing overlaid on a regular photo.


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