How to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal on your Android Phone

In case you are an Android user and you notice that the Wi-Fi signal you are on doesn’t give the required internet speed and is just a waste of your Android telephone battery , or that you’re connected to the Internet however not at the speed of lightning.

How to improve the WiFi connection of your Android mobile

Simply put, Wi-Fi problems can happen anywhere, but I’m going to present a set of methods that would improve the signal of the Wi-F i network, and for its part, there are a lot of these methods from of a group of applications in this area, or via phone settings, or via other methods. We will explore it in this article, as follows: Note , photos, explanation in English, you can change the language of your phone.

Change your Wi-Fi range for 5 GHz routers

Most Android devices can operate on the 5 GHz band, as well as the old band with 2.4 GHz routers. To further clarify, routers use frequencies between 2,412 and 2,484 GHz, they are called 2.4 GHz routers, and some advanced routers use frequencies between 4,195 and 5,825 GHz. , And it’s called 5 GHz routers. The router divides each frequency into channels that can be used for transmission and reception. 14 channels can be used at 2.4 GHz or 42 channels at 5 GHz. The idea here is that the networks close to each other use different channels of action, so that no interference occurs and the network weakens.

1. You can change the frequency by going to Settings Advanced options> Wi-Fi frequency range> and Automatic selection which guarantees that your Android phone will operate at 5 GHz when possible.

How to boost your android wifi connection

Follow the Wi-Fi signal precisely:

Do you sometimes find yourself wandering around the house from room to room or from place to place for the perfect wireless signal, but this method is of course not precise, the Wifi Booster & Easy Analyzer makes it easier for you to find the best place for the best WiFi signal of the place, you can download it for free by moving To apkpure.

When you open the application, you will find the option “Manual Boost” at the bottom, when you press it, scroll slowly while keeping an eye on the red line, and the more this line approaches the yellow line, the better is because it carries a speed analysis tool for your network in the background to make sure it is You have the fastest speed.

1. In the phone settings, avoid bad connections:
2. In the Android Settings menu, there is a small option that avoids connecting with weak networks, where this option when activated in the settings scans the available networks and connects you with the strongest signals, and so you avoid weak and medium signals and you will work on the strongest network, and you can activate this option by going to the phone settings

Download software to increase free wifi signal application:

One of the global applications that tens of millions of users use, because the idea of ​​the application crystallizes by testing the communication in the network in less than 30 seconds “Internet speed test”, and it is available for free on the Android system, you can download it by moving to the Play Store here .

The great thing about the application is the comparison between the results of two communication networks, and therefore you will contact the strongest network, so that you can benefit from it knowing that the signal is weak from the phone itself or no, by lifting the phone cover if it comes from metal, and testing the internet speed in both cases and see the results and the difference, and you will know what you would do if there was a difference.

Find out which is the best Wi-Fi hotspot:

One way to do this is to download the Wifi Analyzer application, which is free from the Android Store, Google Play , and the application includes 3 very useful functions, the first is the function of providing the best use of your network, and the second is to assess any network in the region that enjoys stability, or the third and last is relates to its provision of information network such as IP address, network port, DNS, etc.

Place your router in an ideal location:

A simple tip that can significantly improve your Wi-Fi connection is to take advantage of the location of the router “router”, and this device is often placed next to the phone or cable outlet, and at the same time it rarely expresses the best connection to the network. To find the best location for the router, you can use the WiFi Solver FDTD app , which is available for free from the Android Store, Google Play, which is a simulation of how the router’s electromagnetic waves “propagate”, and therefore with the intensity of the signals, this zone or the direction of the device will be optimal.


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