In the United States, Apple and Samsung with records smartphone sales

A report highlights the overwhelming domination of Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market in the United States they represent 90% of smartphone sales.

In the United States, during the holiday season, the iPhone 11 met an exceptional number of sales. It became the best-selling smartphone during the period, surpassing the Samsung Galaxy S10.

It must be said that the two brands have a colossal grip on the market, and American customers are almost essentially turned to the two firms. At the start of 2020, a Wave7 Research survey revealed the purchasing behavior of customers in the New Continent, and the attractiveness enjoyed by Apple and Samsung.

The top sales among operators
The Wave7 Research report was based on sales made by the various telecom operators. It must be said that in the United States, most customers try to buy a new smartphone through the shops of service providers. “Unlocked” smartphones, as it has become classic to buy them from us in France, are not as developed across the Atlantic.

Thus with Verizon, one of the main American operators, no less than 94% of smartphone sales concerned Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhones. At T-Mobile, another benchmark, the share returns to 91%, which is just as colossal.

During the end of year holidays, Apple won the title of leader by displaying its new iPhone 11 on the first step of the podium in smartphone sales. Among the main operators – Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile – the new apple brand smartphone appeared in first position, leaving Samsung’s Galaxy S10 in second place.

The Chinese absent, apart from OnePlus
As in Asia, the American market is much less diversified than that which we have in Europe . But it must be said that most Chinese brands are not present on the market: this is the case of Oppo, Xiaomi, or even Realme.

Although it belongs to the same group as Oppo and Realme, OnePlus is still offered in the United States. But its place is just as limited as that of Google ( with its Pixel range ), and Motorola. OnePlus would represent only 2% of the market, while it offers its OnePlus 7T Pro at T-Mobiles.

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