New iPhone 11 will change the design

There are only a few days left until the main announcement of Apple, and information has already appeared on the network that the company intends to change the design of the brand new iPhone 11.

iPhone 11

This information was shared by Mark Gourmet for Bloomberg. Thanks to the leaks of the brand new iPhone, we managed to find out that the smartphone will have a square camera, but that’s not all. The Apple logo will move exactly to the center, support is also expected for something like the Wireless PowerShare like the Samsung Galaxy. Thanks to this technology, users will be able to charge all their wireless devices. And the logo in the center will help you understand where to put the device for recharging. As previously reported, the official announcement of the new generation iPhone will take place on September 20.

The upcoming iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11R (if that’s what Apple ends up calling it) are shaping up to be nearly identical to their predecessors in terms of design. There will some refinements here and there, and we know that it’s going to put Android phones to shame when it comes to fit and finish. But overall, the iPhone 11 design we’ve seen leak time and time again is anything but exciting and new. Now, a new video has taken the information from all the leaks we’ve seen over the past few weeks and used it to show us what Apple’s next-generation flagship iPhone models will look like.

It looks pretty good in the render above, but this render uses some shading on the sapphire crystal to darken the glass. As a result, there’s still some contrast between the back of the phone and the camera array. The actual iPhone 11 models Apple releases later this year obviously won’t have any shading on the sapphire crystal, and now a new video created by graphic designer Gunho Lee shows us what Apple’s next-generation iPhones will look like with color-matched cameras.


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