Porsche Taycan electric car vs Tesla Model S 2020

Musk criticized the Porsche Taycan electric car design is not reasonable: TeslaModel S will beat it with all strength.

Porsche electric car vs Tesla Model S 2020

On September 7th, Tesla CEO Musk publicly criticized the Porsche electric car Taycan on Twitter. In his opinion, although the car looks like a good car, and the performance of the Nürburgring track is excellent. But the design of the car is really too unreasonable. Cheap car

Porsche uses the term “turbine” to describe Taycan, making Musk feel very disdainful. Turbines give the internal combustion engine more power, but don’t add too much weight to the car.

Musk also said: “If the traffic is crowded, the car in front will emit harmful gas and directly enter your air intake. Fortunately, the gasoline/diesel manufacturer has not cheated on the emission problem, otherwise we will be in trouble.” The cheating refers to the Volkswagen diesel door scandal. Volkswagen installed “reduction devices” on diesel vehicles to make the car look environmentally friendly, but the pollutants emitted by the car actually exceeded the US limit.

Earlier this week, Porsche released Taycan before saying that the prototype of this all-electric car will be tested at the Nürburgring. Officially, Taycan has a continuous high-power, high-power output capability. “Winning” on the Bollinger track is crucial. At the same time, Porsche also said that its new Taycan is superior to Tesla in terms of continuous power output.

For such a game, Musk directly said that the Tesla Model S will appear at the Nürburgring next week and will use its own strength to prove to the outside world (showing the continuous power output capability of the Model S).

It is shown by foreign media that the specifications of Porsche Taycan are compared with the Tesla Model S, which has an important leading edge. Overall, the Model S has advantages in terms of cruising range, efficiency, acceleration, charging network, price, etc. Taycan’s track performance, braking, suspension, and craftsmanship are better, and the Porsche service network will also bring a lot of help to drivers. Donate car Engine

The Taycan Turbo starts at $150,900, and the more powerful Taycan Turbo S costs $185,000, which is much higher than the most expensive Model S (slightly above $100,000).

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