Samsung Galaxy A72 will offer five rear camera sensors

Galaxy A72, 3x optical zoom telephoto and bokeh, etc. will be released in the first half of next year… to strengthen the competitiveness of mid-priced phones. Samsung Electronics is applying the rear penta (5) camera for the first time in the history of a Galaxy smartphone.

samsung galaxy a72

Samsung’s Galaxy A series is one of its best-selling, thanks in part to the “flagship feel” without the flagship price. The A71 is incredibly popular, bearing a close resemblance to the S20 series and its impressive spec sheet. It seems as though its successor, the A72, will have even more to offer thanks to a penta-camera setup, making it the first Samsung smartphone to boast that many rear sensors.

With a 64MP primary sensor, 12MP ultra-wide, 8MP telephoto with 3X optical zoom, 5MP macro lens, and finally, a 5MP unit dedicated to portrait shots, this camera array sounds impressive — according to this rumor, at least. Bringing up the rear, or front, in this case, would be a 32MP selfie cam. That’s certainly impressive for a phone in the budget segment, but I wouldn’t get too excited. If the S20 Ultra’s 108MP camera proved anything, it’s that big numbers don’t necessarily equate to better photos. Rather than throw more cameras and megapixels at the problem, I’d prefer Samsung focus on its image processing software.

The specifications of the Galaxy A72 camera consist of a 32 million pixel selfie on the front, a 64 million pixel main on the rear, a 12 million pixel ultra-wide angle, an 8 million pixel optical triple zoom telephoto, a 5 million pixel macro, and a 5 million pixel bokeh.

The optical 3x zoom telephoto is a feature that has been supported only on flagship products like the Galaxy S20 series. Optical zoom can reduce image quality deterioration because it directly magnifies the subject and takes a picture. The general digital zoom only enlarges the image left and right, so the quality deterioration is great.

According to the same report, Samsung will also release a successor to this year’s A51, predictably named the A52, which will stick with a quad-camera system. It’s unknown when Samsung plans to release these phones, but a Q1 2021 target has been mentioned. The A71 was announced in December 2019 ahead of a January release, so I imagine the A72 will follow a similar pattern.

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