Apple will soon launch the first iPhone Folding 2020

It looks like Apple is ready to enter the race for the overlapping phones with the upcoming iPhone, which could be announced in less than a year and be on the market in a year and a half. This information comes from an interview by William Lacors, a professor at Alfred University, as well as information confirmed by Corning, the company that supplies Apple with glasses for their phones.

Corning claims they are “actively developing glass-based products” for switching devices that they say will be on the market in the next 12 to 18 months. If they develop a Gorilla overlay glass, Apple could very likely use the technology for its new iPhone – something Lacors confirms. He believes that based on Corning’s announcement, it remains less than a year before Apple announces its switching phone.

Samsung was the first manufacturer to come up with an overlay smartphone, but it seems to have been rushed to release, resulting in several problems with the Galaxy Fold, such as screen peeling and hinge problems.

Since then, Huawei has launched its Mate X in China and has confirmed that it will launch the advanced and improved iteration of the Mate Xs in Western countries. Motorola’s flagship phone, the Razr, also debuted some time ago, with Samsung launching its second Galaxy Z Flip product that was announced this month and is already on the market.

Apple could produce overlapping tablets Lakers said Apple could skip the foldable iPhone and immediately focus on building larger devices, such as folding tablets, in order to avoid the unwanted problems that the folding phones still face. When not limited to something as small as a smartphone, the glass can be thicker, which means the folding surface could be stiffer.

Whatever the plans, Apple will have to leave a unique stamp on its overlay device and contribute to better performance and durability in order to have something more than a breaking newcomer. The company already has several patents on folding screens, so everyone is probably looking forward to seeing what the US tech giant has to offer next.

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