How to get AliExpress 11.11 Than $1000 Select Coupons

AliExpress 11.11 sale 2020 Black Friday. Like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, AliExpress offers discounts on a variety of goods, from household items to electronic gadgets to clothing to beauty suppliers for 2 days November 11-12 every year.

AliExpress Black Friday Free Coupon code

On AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2020, there will be huge discounts, deals and offers on clothing, technology, electronics, gadgets, kitchen products, home improvements, watches, hair and so many other things, that you might be generally interested in. Every year, from the 10 days before the sale, AliExpress starts running contests and coupon games where you can win coupons and coins that can be used as money during the 11.11 sale.

If you’ve never heard of it, November 11 aka 11/11, is the Chinese Single’s Day which transformed from a celebration of relationship status to something akin to Black Friday. It is China’s biggest shopping day, the planet’s biggest online shopping event.

Lots of items will be discounted and will be sold at a giveaway price. I’m guessing you have a lot of things to buy ranging from smartphones, gadgets, and appliances, shoes, etc. 11/11 is at the corner, save your money and get it at a discounted price from any of the Chinese stores most especially from AliExpress.

Note, this is not black Friday… more Black Friday deals are still coming and will be posted here.

In light of this, AliExpress will be giving out millions of free select coupons you can use to buy during the 11/11 Global festival. You can get more than a US $1000 coupon code.

What You Should Know About Aliexpress Select Coupon

A Select Coupon is a special type of coupon that helps you save even more on AliExpress. They are issued by AliExpress and can be used in any store that accepts them with certain restrictions.

You can accumulate as many select coupons as possible usable during the 11/11 global festival.

How do I Accumulate More Select Coupons?

Go to this page and click on “Get Now”, the more you click on get now, the more select coupons you’ll get usable during AliExpress 11/11 deals.

aliexpress select coupon


1. Go to My Account (My AliExpress on PC) and select My Wallet (My Coupons on PC).

aliexpress select coupons

2. Click on My Select Coupons and you will be able to view all the Select Coupons you won. These coupons will be applied automatically when you place an order

So it is a good idea to Register for an AliExpress account (AliExpress New User Bonuses) as soon as possible and not to wait till the last moment. Otherwise you will lose all these deals and discounts. Plus it might take you some time to get to know the sites and find the best deals and sellers.lf you don’t have an Aliexpress account, join today and start exploring the site.

How to Get the AliExpress New User Coupon

Once you signed up, the new user coupon code is already in your account. Go to “Wallet” in the AliExpress mobile app or to or to the My Coupons section of the menu (click on your login pic on the upper right corner to open it up).

Coupon for the New User in the AliExpress Mobile App

In case you prefer to shop from mobile devices, feel free to download and install the Aliexpress app and register from your mobile. The sign-up process is the same and the $3 new customer coupons will be immediately granted to you.

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