iPhone 13 Flip: Could it fold?

iPhone 13 Fold – There’s no evidence at this stage to suggest Apple will launch a foldable iPhone in 2021 alongside the iPhone 13 flip, though the possibility does seem to get stronger with every passing generation, especially as foldable devices become more common and affordable.

iPhone 13 Fold

The iPhone 12 may be here, but an even more radical shift is looming for the iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Flip: Could it fold?

Apple has a number of patents to its name concerning handsets with foldable displays, some of which are covered in our hub for all things iPhone Flip. Reports in the past two years have claimed Cupertino has sampled some candidates for flexible screens, hinting that Apple is definitely researching the category.

Some third-party mockups and concepts out there look very enticing — like the one you see above courtesy of ConceptsiPhone — but they’re more wishes than educated guesses at this early stage.

Now that we are getting past the iPhone 12’s launch and have begun looking toward the iPhone 13 in earnest, we’ll likely have a better idea soon whether or not a foldable variant could enter the fray. As for now, it’s anyone’s guess.

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