Samsung is working on two new smartphones with a foldable screen

After presenting the Galaxy Fold, which has come out with many positive reviews, Samsung is working on two more smartphones with a foldable screen that should be different from the original one.

samsung foldable screen

Unlike the Galaxy Fold, whose construction looks like a mini laptop, one of Samsung’s next line-up phones will look like a shell, that is, as it once was, the popular handsets on the fold and there will be a smaller external and large internal screen.

The design solution for the other model should be similar to that of the Huawei Mate X, that is, the device has a screen that on the outside is “wrapped” around it.

According to Bloomberg, the first device should appear on the market from the second half of 2019 or at latest in 2020. The model with a screen that “wakes” around the phone should appear shortly after the first one.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Meanwhile, Samsung is working to advance the Galaxy Fold, which is expected to appear next month at $ 1,980. The Fold problem is on the screen where a dial appears when the phone is twisted about 10,000 times.

Bloomberg reports that due to this problem, Samsung is considering the option of free screen replacement for all customers, until this weakness is resolved on the phone.

If you missed the Galaxy Fold launch, you can catch up by watching the clip embedded above.


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