The first electric car Ferrari come five years faster

The first electric car Ferrari will introduce new technology, will come five years faster. According to the market and business director of Enrico Galliera, the Italian Sports car manufacturer is planning to enter this segment later due to the current situation. A fully electric model should do justice to brand history – which is currently not possible.

The first electric car Ferrari come five years faster

Officially, Ferrari has so far announced anything specific about its plans for electric cars. According to autocar, a flowing license suggests management favors a two-seat place. Galliera now told the British vehicle magazine that there will be no model simply based on batteries by the manufacturer for at least five more years. This would not soon change full electric cars in the luxury segment, such as those of pininfarina car.

” there are some competitors entering the market with new technologies we are seeing, but will it be a problem for Ferrari? I don’t think so because we have a specific camera in our footage with Ferrari, ” Galliera said. Italians are convinced that battery technology has not yet progressed enough for the needs of a “Supercar” – and this will remain such for the next five years. Once technical opportunities meet Ferrari’s requirements, there may be an electric car from fiat’s philial, galliera said. This must be “something new” on the market, because new technologies are an integral part of the brand.

The New Super Sports Car Sf90 Stradale with plug hybrid technology has shown that Ferrari buyers are open for electricity, galliera continues. “we have customers who want to use electric mode to silence their home in the morning, after which they can use the burning engine on the road and hear the sound of Ferrari”.

Ferrari manager noted that the noise level of conventional power ferraris was one of the challenges in developing quiet electric cars. The company is working hard to find a solution, but hasn’t found one yet. ” but when the time for Ferrari comes, we will have an answer – and I promise it will be an elegant answer,” galliera said.

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